Curse Movember

So... I can appreciate the need for things like Movember and I can appreciate that prostates feel really left out with all the titty cancer stuff going on all the time... but DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME?

By happening to me, I mean that Beard... is no longer Beard. In fact, Beard has given up his beard.

Happier times.

And now... THIS.

We met up tonight at the co-op while I shopped for our dinner stuff and I couldn't let him kiss me hello for a good half an hour before I finally felt certain it was him.

I am still not sure I approve... but thankfully, he can grow it back after he cultivates a ridiculous stache in honor of ball sacks.

Still. Beard... I'd forgotten how rough men's faces are when they're all shaved and stubbly. My chin is already revolting against it.



Criminy knows I haven't been able to stick to my once-a-week blog vow, but I've doing ok on 750words for the most part... and because of this, I thought I'd just go to balls to the wall and do NaNoWriMo, which as any bookperson/writer who's worth their salt will know as National Novel Writing Month.

Maybe I was in writing euphoria from 750words. Maybe it's because I read books all day that are no better than what I could write myself. Maybe it's because I have a severe case of self-importance when it comes to writing stuff. Maybe it's because before all other things, I have been a writer since the first day I could hold a pen (you should see the volumes I've filled in Kidscribble.) And perhaps, quite honestly, it's all the above. I just am meant to write, whether it's good or not.

And so, this exercise in insanity has begun. Who knows how it will go? I just want to finish, because it will be the first sign that I am on the road to getting back to the discipline and self-determination I had not so long ago (but does seem to be lacking for the past year or so....)

Onward! And look forward to reading my novel at some point.


A new start

So I am going to stick with this. I am tracking myself, 5 entries a week at least... I'm also doing this thing called 750 Words which some genius from Seattle came up with. It's a great idea, really, and pretty simple. Write 750 words/day and they're private, they're tracked with really cool stats like feelings (affectionate/sad/etc,) senses (touch, hear, see,) positive/negative, etc. It's just crazy how much thought went into creating it and how positive this kind of thing can be for people who just really a place to talk out their lives. With themselves. On the privacy of the internet...

I have also started doing Health Month, made by the same dude. It's pretty much the best internet social media/social networking/social whatevers idea I've ever seen. You create monthly health-related rules and you stick with them, for points. I think it's probably a combo of competition/prestige/reminders that make it work- if you want to change yourself and how you do things on a daily basis, try it out. I just have three rules right now; eat greens 5x/week, exercise for 30 minutes 6x/week, and cook dinner at home 5x/week. So far, I'm doing pretty well, but I actually DO think about these things a lot more and try to make sure they all happen. If I lose points, I get pissed... so I generally make choices in the day that will ensure I follow my rules. Simple. Brilliant. Fuck yes. If anyone wants to join up and follow me, feel free.

I wouldn't normally make shameless plugs for websites, but I feel strongly about both these sites. I've been looking for accountability, and they both have given it to me tenfold. If you can't seem to find a way to keep track of your life and find focus, both help and both are making me feel a whole lot better about things.

So with that, I plod along. Went to the awesome vintage clothing sale at the State Fair grounds... I have to say, it was cool, but I think I should have made it a point to go Friday, dress up for the cocktail party, and got the pick of stuff. Things weren't that expensive and I really wanna find a fur stole (I know... fur makes me unhappy as a modern practice and I don't think the industry should continue given the innovations in warm fabrics, but these bitches have been dead for DECADES. I think it's ok for vintage furs to still be around... times have changed, but you can't argue with a mink coat circa 1936. Uffda.) Anyway, I somehow managed to not buy anything...

Until we went to the Star of the North Antique Show. I met a really sweet dealer who had excellent frames and glassware. It was his last show and he hinted not-so-subtly to me that he would be open to offers/haggling, but I just flat out told him I have no idea how to haggle. So he was nice enough to say, "Tell me what you want, I'll tell you how low I'll go." Which is a good tactic, because he pretty much had me at that point. I agreed to buy a set of four Fire King Carnival glass tea cup/saucers for $25, which is not a bad at all. Then, he offered to sell me a 4 settings of Anchor Hocking depression glass for $75... OMG hot damn, pretty good deal. It killed me because I'm so damn poor and couldn't take advantage of the offer. He then said he'd throw in a platter and creamer/sugar set... And still, I just couldn't say yes.

Luckily, I didn't have to, because Matt was all "Well, Christmas is coming... I have a powerful beard and I love you... It is a really good deal, so I'll get it for you." I was like a kid in an antique shop (cuz let's face it, as a kid, that's where I wanted to go...) The sweet old man painstakingly wrapped up all our stuff, and I operated his credit card machine for him while he worked. I walked out on air and am now cleaning out the built-in (Matt's bringing shelves he's made a little later today) and I'll put my booty in it (not literally booty, but pirate-type booty.) Yay for vintage!

You can see the pic of my grandpa in the back... but yeah. BOOTY.

To top it off, I finally broke down and bought my bosom some new teat cups. Matt patiently waited for the half hour it took me to find ones I liked. I ended up bringing home two Dream Angels that basically make you feel like two kind hands are holding your teats in a comforting fashion.

Glorious colors! And such comfort! And frankly, my teats rejoice!

So all in all, things are looking up (and lifted.) I will try to write lots, with many pics, naturally. This Minneapolis Life goes on!


Promises, promises

It's so unchristly cold in my apartment, I am writing this while sitting with my feet in the bathtub, which is full of hot water.

I started doing this when I was really little and I wouldn't want to bother taking a bath to warm up. I'd come in from playing in the snow, rip my pants off, and cop a squat on the side of our old bathtub in Hudson and just chill there. My mum would come in, needing to have a wee, and kind of look at me funny (not that my presence prevented her from having the wee...) I am sure somewhere a water conservationist is readying a big shot gun for me, but since my landlord/landcompany seems to be going green and not turning the heat back on, I figure it evens out in the end.

Anyway, now that I have a career at BRIO, I feel a whole lot more grounded than I did before. I will be full time hopefully starting June 1st, which means I shall have health insurance again (my first and pray heavens only trip to the ghetto clinic is an adventure I hope to never repeat). It also means that I don't have to worry so much about money... which is cool, but slightly disconcerting as my natural tendency to buy whatever I want is yearning to break free. (Reminder to self: Part of growing up is being thrifty... or marrying a rich, fat man.)

Anyway, for now, I have decided that I am promising to blog at least once a week and am hoping to find someone who is good at rolling turds into gold, which is my way of saying I want to make this blog pretty, exemplary, and pro-esque. Which is how I like to think of myself, now that I think of it...

I am also promising to do the following now that I am committed to staying in Minneapolis: run again, cook more, go about town, travel locally, decorate my apartment to perfection, get on my craft projects, can/pickle/preserve, Yelp lots, and finish watching every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There are more, but now that I have confessed that I am working on watching Buffy, I am embarrassed and don't want to go on...

No, not embarrassing at all.


How did this happen?

Or more appropriately, what did I fail to do that caused this happen?

By this, I mean my current job.

I finally figured out, after coming home from my first day in what I now like to think of as my own personal post-college purgatory- I was never looking for a "job". I wanted a career. I was flailing for a career with all my might; yet, it didn't come to me. Why?

Maybe because I went into this with my blinders on; I wanted a job that was: helping people, doing good, in the non-profit sector, focusing on development/fundraising, with a touch of Minnesota pride... and where did I fail to learn how to sell myself to the people in charge of giving me this place?

No. They didn't need to give it to me; I needed to take it. But no matter how many resumes I sent off, cover letters I crafted, or emails I painstakingly typed... it just didn't happen. So I don't have years and years of experience - I have drive because I want to be the best at everything I do. I have passion because I love my life here and I want to find my place in this town. I have the motivation to claw my way into exactly where I want to be, more by hook than by crook. I have the indomitable spirit of a drag queen and a Polish mother in one.

What other shmuck in this town can say that?

No one.

And how did I fail so miserably? When I get into my friend's car to go to work, my heart starts breaking anew every morning. I know that I do not belong in this kind of work, but the bills don't pay themselves and I hate that I couldn't find something I love so that the reality of bills would be a lot less painful. However, the highlight of my day is hiding in the bathroom occasionally where I alternately try to fight back tears or do yoga poses because I sit on my ass the whole time and am verklempt for 8 hours straight.

Luckily, I am now more determined that I ever have been to find that dream job, to go for it with both barrels out and the safety totally off. If I look at it as this is the kind of experience I need to finally get where I know I need to be, so be it.

I just hope it gets easier to face it in the next couple of weeks.


The continuation of the Chicago Odyssey

So, we have arrived unscathed in Chicago. We stayed at Lucas's fam's house and they were lovely to let us be there pro bono, as I am poor as a churchmouse.

We then went out for dinner at Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket with Lucas's gorgeous friend Sally, who is a brickhouse and a good sport. It was the worst place ever, but I did see

rimming chickens. Sexy.

The wreckage of the meal. It was truly heinous. Although the mac and cheese was tolerable.

We then retired to Lucas's abode to watch "RuPaul's Drag Race", which I have to say is the only reality TV I have ever enjoyed. It made me want to turn the fabulosity quotient up on myself quite a lot (watch out, world).

For some reason, there's a big pole in Lucas's basement.

"Now, strip!"

A sleepy tableau of friendly cuddles.


Aaaaaand gropes.

Andrea just one-legged elliptical'd through the whole thing.

Which brings us to the pre-interview madness, which involved lots of lint rolling.

Of everything.

All in all

We looked pretty darn smashing.

We were so exhausted, there were no return trip photos, but we did make an excellent stop at Mitsuwa, which is a former resident of Japan's dream. I glutted on donburi and sushi, as well as pastries. YUM. Yum... ohhh... yum. We then drove straight on to the Cities, where real life beckoned.

Totally a fun trip though. I would love to go when I don't have Japan-related crap to put first. Watch out, Chicago! I'm coming back as soon as I can!


Lately & Beginning of Pictorial Road Trip

So I have been super busy applying for any and every nonprofit job I could find, so I haven't had the chance to update. I also had my JET interview in Chicago, which will follow in pictures... but I think the interview went pretty well. I won't gush with every detail or anything, but I think I was able to impress them a bit... Just have to wait and see!

In other news, I got a decent job! I will be working for OB/GYN West in Minnetonka, so it's kinda far; my lovely friend Sarah works there right now, so she's kind of how I got the job but she also said we can carpool, as we live close to each other. So for now, I will not be thrown out into the streets by Rudolph's and be lost to the Minneapolis homeless crowd.

NOW. Get ready for road trip- in pictures!

The journey begins... with Country Singles Newspaper. My favorite- "Incarcerated Men for women- a soulful poet seeks like-minded woman".

Apparently, Wisconsites (bless you, fellow statesmen) drink so much beer, they've just started being born in the can.

Watching TV with your Shar Pei is a good way to spend a lonely Valentine's Day... unless you are driving down to Chicago.

Pit stop time. I only wish I had quilted this Culver's sign... but alas.

A sumptuous Culver's feast of clam chowder, fries, and CHEESE CURDS. I only feel at home in WI when I am clutching delicious nuggets of fried lard.

Boredom whilst driving compelled me to get creative... I decided to stage a Valentine's Date featuring Gummi Baerchen. I tried to imagine WWID- what would I do?

We all know what I would do.

So, we have come to the part where we are all beyond sick of driving.

Andrea's just drivin' along....

Lucas says no evil...

And I'm a makeup-less trollop.

My travel literature collection has grown immeasurably (best one thus far: Illinois Antique Guide).

To be continued in the next post so I don't overload you all with one huge entry of fabulosity.


Comfort times

So, the job search is shit and I am nearly back at square one. I interviewed on Saturday for something but it doesn't sound like my cup of tea at all; however, something is better than nothing if I get it, so no poo-poo-ing no matter how uppity I feel.

I did, however, get hooked up by a friend with a documentary maker here in Minneapolis that needed someone to do some freelance research for his trip to Davos this week. So my internet silence has mostly come from being busy with that.

Also in busy-ness is some family crap that has brought me back to Hudson Sunday & now Monday too. This gave me the chance to do one of my favorite things: VINTAGE SHOPPING. Hudson has a great antique shop that I love to troll through for hours. I always find at least 50 things I want and they're usually all right prices, although now that I am pretty much destitute, even the cheapest things seem like a lot. I keep a mental list of everything I like, though, and their turnover is pretty slow, so most of the time I can eventually get what I wanted. For instance, a few weeks ago I found a spice rack that was ridiculously cute and I wanted it terribly... but I just couldn't afford it at the time. But after weeping inside for all this time, I broke down and got it today.

I am glad I got it. It will be sweet in the kitchen, although I couldn't actually use it for spices. But maybe I'll think of something to put in it. Either way, it's cute as heck.

I also picked up a tray to go with my decor idea of putting up old toleware trays as decoration on my big open wall in the kitchen. So 1/3 (at least that's how many I feel would make a good composition). So must hunt out 2 more~ and figure out how to put them up without wrecking them. Maybe magnet strips?

I hope I can get a job soon so I can keep up with my decorating ideas. Nothing makes me happier than nesting and since I've been in such a funk, I want to nest all the time. Hopefully time is something I'll have more of once I am gainfully employed.

All right, to the cover letters! (If Yelp! doesn't suck me in~ I am addicted).



Last time, I spoke of good news... and I shall not speak of it again. The job hunt continues and is perhaps more desolate than before.

But I don't want to be a downer, so let's just talk about lately~

Boyfriend and I went to Sunnyside on Lyndale last weekend. We are regulars and it's kind of our thing, so we are pretty into it every time we go. Best breakfast in town, in my opinion. I was sad this time, though, because we didn't get Fiesta mugs ;_; I love Fiestaware. My collection is growing all the time.

Boyfriend is happy with coffee.

I am less happy about it; it tastes better in Fiestaware.

During the week, my lovely G.H. and I went to Sebastian Joe's. I'd never been before, so it was definitely a surprise to find that it was like eating heaven with a spoon. Yum. We walked down Hennepin for a bit, to pretend that moving whilst eating fatty things helps (maybe only with guilt).

Mmmmmm cone. I know he got some sort of oreo one that was ridiculously divine.

I really hope that's not my O face. But blueberry is my new favorite flavor.

On Friday, I went out to Ginger Hop with my friend. It was food-wise just ok, but the woodwork in the building itself was gorgeous. She lives up in NE, so we walked back to her house and I discovered this darling creature:

Super cute. We then had a nice evening with a couple other friends and everyone had to crash on my floor. It was like being a kid again with a sleepover, only everyone's too tipsy to stay awake.


Risotto, spaghetti and some good news.

I talked Boyfriend into eating zucchini and ricotta risotto without any meat in it, which I know was hard for him, as it isn't a meal if it doesn't have meat... It was quite a process.

I fried up the zucchini first and then started on the rice/shallot mix.

We picked up some rosemary focaccia at the Wedge, which was pretty tasty.

Some people liked it so much that they put the risotto directly in it, like an Italian taco. But it really was pretty good.

We also had quite a spread last week when we made spaghetti and meatballs, with Wedge roasted red pepper focaccia and insalate with homemade mustard dressing.

We are a culinarily ambitious couple.

Oh yes, and the good news. I HAVE AN INTERVIEW WITH TPT!!! FUCK YES and WOW. TPT is so in my top three places I am dying to work at.